My name is Horimitsu, I am a traditional Japanese tattoo artist (horishi). I work from Honey Tattoo in Ikebukuro Japan

Chikara: The Art of Horimitsu

I will be releasing a new book soon! In order to get a high quality printing we are raising funds on indiegogo. If you are interested in helping this project then check it out here.

Horitoshi Family: A Proud Tradition.

Horimitsu is an apprentice of the famous tattoo master Horitoshi of Ikebukuro Japan (For more information click here.). He has studied traditional motifs and techniques as a member of the Horitoshi family since 1999. Currently he is focused on representing the Horitoshi tradition as well as developing his own unique style of traditional Japanese tattooing. His aim is to give people amazing art and experiences.


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Traditional & Modern Techniques

Horimitsu offers both traditional and modern methods of tattooing.

Tebori Shading:

Tebori performed by hand, using traditional tool. Horimitsu has been studying practicing this style for more than 15 years, under Master Horitoshi of Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Tebori is a challenging technique that when mastered produces bright and stunning colours that last. The process is no more painful than machine tattooing, it does however take longer.


Horimitsu also shade using a rotary tattoo machine. This is a faster option than Tebori and may suit some clients better.


We take safety seriously and follow health standards.


We hold a certification in blood borne pathogens approved by the Alliance of Professional Tattooists. (


All tattoos performed with sterile equipment. Anything not replaceable is autoclaved.

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